Processing Times

Processing Times

Processing Times

Here at Stay’n Trendy, our main goal is to keep our customers informed and satisfied. After placing your order the Processing begins. This is the time for the supplier to receive an order, produce the item, and get it packed for shipping. This can add 24-72 hours to the shipping time depending on the volume of orders received. Reviewing an order, printing shipping labels, packaging products, and handing over shipments to a shipping carrier all contribute to an order’s processing time. Once an order is processed your item will receive a tracking number and you will be able to see its progress to your doorstep. 

TLDR: Processing time may add 24-72 hours to shipping times.

Temporary Disclaimer: Due to the global pandemic, timeframes related to processing and shipping are estimates, they do reflect the average times for our customers but there have been exceptions. If you think your shipment is falling more than 1 week out of the normal timelines please message us at so we can look into any issues that may have occurred with the process.

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